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This Blog is mainly Persian, I'm writing here in my beloved mother's tongue since 2007. Lately, I've been writing some English stuff, Thus I've added an English section here, which I'm not sure how frequently It's gonna be updated, but If you like reading my English stuff, or more, you're an English speaker who happened to find your way here in a way, you can find my posts in the list below :

22/09/2017   -    Waiting for the Last Wave

In a dark smokey hut, drawing a claim on the floor
You are waiting for the last wave to break on the shore

You were come with a flow, and you'll go with a wave
It's not the fate that you want, but the float that you crave

You are fading in a snowy everlasting scene
And you know only pines can be evergreen

With the sun's in the west and the wind's on the run
Life is blown in the wind, and will fly to the sun

And you'll set, in a tangerine yellow horizon
And you'll rise, in a world with you came to naught emblazon

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